Storage space from 1,5 m³ onwards

OpslagBox Leeuwarden has units from 1.3 m³ onwards available in all sizes. Your belongings are stored in a warm dry building secured with CCTV.

Why OpslagBox Leeuwarden?

Your belongings are stored in a warm dry building secured with CCTV. You have acces from 6.00 am untill 23.00 pm.

Storage space in Leeuwarden

We rent storage space for business and private use. Ideal when you need storage space for a short or long period.


Self-storage at OpslagBox Leeuwarden


Self Storage at OpslagBox Leeuwarden

Self-storage at OpslagBox Leeuwarden means that we offer the opportunity for extern storage for business and personal use. Wether you lack storage space, or need a temporary solution to store goods.

Personal self storage

Sold your home and the moving dates haven’t quite matched up, or are you de- cluttering to show your house in the best possible light to potential buyers. OpslagBox Leeuwarden can help. Or are you the owner of a 1 or 2 room appartement and dealing with a storage problem. Having your own extern storage space is very handy for maybe storage for winter tires, x mas decorations etc.

Storage for Businesses

Sometimes businesses face a storage problem. For example during the winter when terras arrangements need to be kept dry, or to store surplus stock. Storing with OpslagBox Leeuwarden is like having extra business premises around the corner. And if you suddenly need more space or even less space, you can change room size whenever you want without penalty. It allows greater freedom for businesses without compromising on security and costs.

Your own access at all times

When you choose for self-storage at OpslagBox Leeuwarden you have acces from 6.00 am untill 23.00 pm. You have your own unit with your own lock and key. Also you get provided with your own personal pincode which makes it possible to enter the building independant of openingtimes.

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